Rules and Regs

Market Rules and Regulations 


*Info is for those who are interested in vending with us on a regular basis.

Thanks for your interest in wanting to become a vendor with the High Desert Farmers Market! The HDFM is a place where people can go to find a variety of foods, products and/or services. As market manager, I provide a place where vendors can come set up their booth so they can start doing what they do best - promote their business and sell their services and/or wares.

The following is some basic yet very important information that everyone should know before making the decision to vend with us. Although being a vendor can be a lot of fun and a great way to earn some additional income, it can also be a lot of hard work. If you have any questions after reading, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Mission: The overall mission of the High Desert Farmers Market is to provide a place where local food producers can sell their items to the general public. Our focus is on local, organic food, as well as making what we sell affordable to low income customers.

Hours of Operation: Mornings - 9:00 to 1:00.

Fees: Because we're new and still building our customer base, fees are only $10 until further notice.

Locations: We'll be setting up at the Elks Lodge, which is very near but not on any major intersections.

Wednesdays/Elks Lodge: On Wednesdays we'll set up from 9:00 to 1:00.  Since there's a huge Ramada we use, some vendors will be able to set up under the Ramada, which means that they don't need a tent or table. There's also a stage, so we can host cooking demo's, etc. with no problem.

Elks Lodge
1 Elks Ln
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-1739

**Are you a match? We currently get up to 30 customers or so a day, which is slowly but surely building over time. If we have what they want, they will come. People are very excited to see us there. On any given day it could be only me vending, or we could have up to 5 vendors. I have at least 12 vendors who say they'll vend with us when there's more traffic, but how are we going to get more traffic if they don't come? Catch-22. New visitors are always asking for more variety, which is why I do my best to get every single visitor to sign up for our weekly newsletter so I can keep them updated. I've personally started selling some farmers market related local items myself - eggs, salsa, fruits, vegetables - and now have about 10 regular customers.

Think of us as a mall, where you're able to rent a store front every week so your customers know where to find you. We're not a yearly event in which hundreds or thousands of people attend. But! we are currently  in the process of planning 2 large events, so stay tuned!

Please feel free to ask our vendors any questions you may have about being a vendor at the High Desert Farmers Market. This is one of the best ways for you to find out the answers you're looking for, which can help you determine whether or not being a market vendor is going to be right for you.

High Desert Farmers Market


Application Process:

All prospective vendors must first fill out an application if they want to join the High Desert Farmers Market. Simply filling out and turning in an application doesn't mean you're automatically accepted to be a vendor at the market. Instead, we will get back to you within 48 hours with a decision.

Do You Qualify? Because we're a farmers market, those who are selling food and/or agricultural products will receive first priority. If the primary item you're selling isn't food related, then you must add a food item to sell on the side. If you plan on selling home baked goodies, 25% of the ingredients used must be local and/or organic. You can also sell any food item that's made locally, i.e. prickly pear juice, mesquite, beans, etc.

Once you're accepted to be a vendor at the High Desert Farmers Market, you'll be added to our email invite list for vendors asking if you'll be vending with us for the upcoming week. These email invite will also contain important updates and information so it's essential that you read it in its entirety. If you don't have email access, please let me know so we can make other arrangements. If your reply to the email invite says that you're coming, then you're making a commitment and accordingly will be placed on the schedule.

Cancellation Policy: If you commit to coming and need to cancel please let me know asap so I can make the necessary adjustments. If you cancel within 24 hours of the market being held you'll be charged a $10 cancellation fee. Both fees need to be paid before you can vend with us again. Of course, special allowances will be made for special situations, and of course, weather conditions don’t count.

Food Vendors: Anyone interested in selling any type of food or food product must provide a full list of the food items they want to sell.

Baked Goods: If you want to sell baked goods you're going to need to register with the Arizona Department of Health Services. It's really simple and takes about 10 minutes to do. Once you receive the certification, you must display it in your booth where it's easy to see. This certification will also let your customers know that you're following the rules and thus providing them with a quality product.

*For more information -

Food Trucks/Lunch Vendors: If you're interested in serving lunch at the market, you're going to need to get the required health permit. Because our focus is on locally grown healthy food choices, your food choices must include a minimum 25% of local ingredients, which need to be displayed for customers as well as the health permit. For more info-

Direct Contact: Jonathan "Dan" DeBee

EHS I / Vector Control Specialist

Cochise County Environmental Health

4115 E. Foothills Dr., Sierra Vista AZ 85635, (520) 803-3930

Craft Vendors, Offering Services, etc.

Crafts need to be handmade. Services need to be locally based. Must sell a food item on the side.

We have the right to approve and/or terminate a vendor at any time. Reasons for termination can include but isn't limited to regular tardiness or being disruptive. If a vendor is terminated, no fees will be refunded.

If You're Accepted: Congratulations! We're super excited to have you join us!

The following are some guidelines when it comes to setting up your vendor booth:

Setting Up Your Booth: Vendors who vend with us on a regular basis are assigned a permanent space.

A 12x12 space is provided for you to set up your 10x10 tent. Keep in mind when setting up that this is your 'storefront'. This means you're going to need to figure out how you're going to provide a professional presentation in order to entice potential customers to come over and see what you have to offer them.

Signs: This is how people are going to know who you are and what you have to offer them. The 'Business Name' you choose is going to  help your customers know what your business is all about, so make sure it stands out.

Prices: There's a fine line between setting a price that will make both you and your customers happy. You want to make a profit so you can continue with your vendor selling ventures, but you don't want to scare them away with prices that are too high.

Money: Make sure you bring lots of change. You'd be surprised at how many customers will hand you a $20 bill to buy a $2 item. And keep your money close to you, either by wearing an apron or in a cash box that's connected to the table. We've never had any issues with missing money, and we'd like it to stay that way. (-: If you do run out of change, come see me at the information booth. Also, are you going to accept credit cards? Let people know by providing a sign that tells them so.

Be Personable!: It's really important that you be approachable. When someone walks by your booth, say Hi! It's important to make your customers feel special so that they’ll want to keep coming back to see you.

Weather: The weather here in Arizona is one of our biggest challenges. Because the winds can be extremely strong it's essential that you properly weigh down your tent. Because the hot sun can ruin your wares, it's necessary to provide shade to protect them. Because of the monsoons it can be necessary to cover your items quickly in order to make sure that they don't get wet and possibly ruined.

Tearing Down: Please take a quick look around your area before leaving in order to make sure that it's clean. Thank you!

It's Only 4 Hours: It's really important for vendors to stay until the market closes, unless there's some pressing need to leave early. If you do need to leave early for some reason, please let me know asap. If one person starts to pack up, it tends to cause a ripple effect. Imagine if someone was driving by and saw a vendor taking down their booth a half hour early. They're going to think that the whole market is closing and consequently may not even bother to come by. This affects other vendors who always stay to the end of the market.


~Observe! Closely watch seasoned vendors to see how they work, which can help to give you some ideas.

~Consistency is important when vending at markets. If you're not there for your customers when they need something that you're selling, they tend to start looking elsewhere.

~If you have a friend who's also interested in vending you can share a booth in order to find out if it's something you're both interested in doing.

~Providing samples is one of the best ways to let people know how great your products are!

~Signs! Signs! Signs! Make sure you have plenty of signs to let people know what you're selling and for how much.  Informational and/or educational signs are also a good idea.

~If you feel you can benefit from handing out promotional material, do it!

General Rules & Guidelines

WE DO NOT allow:

~GMO Foods

Fees: Weekly Fee Information: ALL FEES ARE $10 UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Under the Ramada - $10.00

Using Your Own Tent - $10.00

*Last Sunday of the month we have a special event  - $10.

Permitted Items for Sale: TBA

Food Vendors: Locally grown food.

Craft Vendors: Handmade crafts.

EBT Program: Coming Soon!


Market Rules:

Vendors who violate any regulations can expect the following disciplinary actions to take place: 1.  Verbal Warning. 2.  Written Warning. 3. 1 Month Suspension/or Termination.

Parking: Parking spaces are provided.

Insurance: The Market's insurance doesn't cover vendors.

Health Regulations: It's your job as a market vendor to uphold all health regulations put forth in Cochise County, AZ.

Restrooms: Porta Potty's are available.

Electricity: We have electricity available for those who need it. A $10 fee covers you for the month.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside our perimeter. Please go outside our boundaries to smoke.

As A Vendor, It's Your Responsibility To:

  • Fully understand everything there is to know about your products and/or services.
  • Know and follow all of the Market's rules.
  • Promote your business! Social Media and word-of-mouth are both highly recommended.
  • Be Professional.
  • Have Fun!


We'll have an article published in the Sierra Vista Herald's Taste section every Wednesday. We have a newsletter that gets sent out to 500+ people. We send out Facebook posts multiple times a week. We also have Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. On the day of the market we put out between 5 and 8 large signs pointing traffic our way.

Because not everyone reads the newspaper or receives our newsletter one of the best ways you can advertise for yourself is by using a few Social Media platforms. Facebook is probably your best bet, but there are many more that can help you market to your particular audience, i.e. Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest.


Any complaints should be sent to All complaints will be forwarded to all board members. A response to said complaint will be available within 1 week.

Advisory Board

Ann Kunzelman:

Erin Tattrie:


















Elks Lodge
1 Elks Ln
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635-1739


How to be a High Desert Farmers Market Vendor

Because we want to ensure that every vendor has the best chance for selling their wares, we make it a goal to allow only a few vendors who are selling the same or similar items. For example, if there are 2 vendors selling bread, we really don’t need a third… unless there's something very different about your bread that makes it stand out from the other breads already being sold. Crafts must be handmade.

Waiting List: If we're currently at our capacity for a particular item or service and you still want to participate, we can place you on our waiting list.

Backyard Growers: We can sell it for you! We each keep 50%.

Steps to Becoming a Vendor:

  1. Obtain approval from the market manager, Laura
  2. Fill out an application form
  3. If approved, start selling!

Vendor Dues:

~ Dues are currently $10 for Wednesday vending and $15 for vending at our Sunday event, which takes place every last Sunday of the month. All fees are due on the day of vending.

Setting Up/Taking Down:

You'll need to have everything set up 15 minutes before the Market opens. Cars are not allowed on the grounds 15 minutes before we open or within 15 minutes of the market's closing. Please make sure your area is clean when you leave.

What You'll Need: (when setting up under the Ramada, tent and table are not required)

  • A tent to protect you from the sun/rain. (Investing in a quality tent is suggested.)
  • Weights to keep your tent properly anchored.
  • A table to place your wares, chairs to sit on.
  • Make sure you have plenty of change and bags.
  • Attract your customers with a professional presentation.

High Desert Farmers Market Vendor Safety & Sanitation Rules:

  • Processed Food Vendors must display appropriate permits from Cochise County Health & Social Services (Environmental Health Division).
  • Home Bakers must register with the Home Baked and Confectionary Goods program (Arizona Department of Health Services) and display their approval certificate.
  • Vendors are responsible for complying with all health and safety requirements of the Cochise County Health Department.
  • Only FMNP Approved Growers may accept FMNP Payment Instruments and only for eligible foods that were grown in Arizona by an FMNP Approved Grower.
  • All FMNP Growers must comply with FMNP Rules as defined in the Arizona Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Manual for Growers and Market Managers

Vendor Application

The High Desert Farmers Market is a community-based market for local agricultural producers, food processors and their agents, backyard growers, arts and crafts vendors, community-related services and much more.

Examples of products include: Produce, Meats, Dairy, Eggs, Nuts, Plants, Seeds, Gourds, Salsa, Honey, Herbs, Preserves, Pickles, Coffee, Teas, Spices, Dried Foods, Baked Goods, Prepared Foods, Healthy Body Care, Pet Care, Handmade Clothing, Unique Handmade Jewelry, Gardening Information, Photography, Handmade Arts and Crafts, Specialty Services.

  • New vendors are limited to availability of space, and is at the discretion of the market manager.
  • All processed food vendors must display their food license permit from the Health Dept.
  • Vendors provide their own tables, chairs, canopies, umbrellas & weights (min. 20 lbs).
  • Clean up your area before leaving.
  • Vendors are not allowed to smoke in the marketplace.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please Retain Top Portion For Your Records

Name: _____________________________________________Phone:___________________________________




Product description:________________________________________________________________________



Spaces are 12’ x 12’ to accommodate at 10’ x 10’ canopy.


□ I understand that I am vending at my own risk and will not hold the High Desert Farmers Market, or the Sierra Vista Elks Lodge responsible for any injury or damage I might incur during market hours, set up or tear down. I also have read and agree to all of the terms listed in our Rules & Regulations.